• Image of SPACE JEEP
  • Image of SPACE JEEP

Last year Good Fortunes teamed up with hip-hop artist A.G to release a debut full length project, #NoSelfDoubt. In the spirit of bringing crazy ideas to life and then throwing those ideas on comfy ass t-shirts, we picked our favorite A.G. bar.

We were in the car.. it was a regular Wednesday evening. Driving home from cookout the homie decided to play a song. Ahh yes, the new A.G single, "Nasa". Great choice. As we were about mid-way through the song I began really taking in my surroundings. The music was blasting, and the words echoed... "A.G PULL UP IN A 2-TONE SPACE JEEP". Immediately we looked at each other.

"Bruh... what even is a space jeep..."

"Good question. I don't have the answer.. but a certain clothing brand might".

and thus, this shirt was born.

#NoSelfDoubt by A.G now streaming on all platforms, presented by Good Fortunes.